The Embross VelocityBagDrop is a next generation, flagship automated self bag drop solution under Embross’ Velocity Self Service portfolio.

Following the successful and influential path of the first generation Embross SBD, the Embross VelocityBagDrop represents a significant generational shift in technology, design and capability.

Introducing a range of new innovations, including computer vision technologies and complete biometric recognition and validation capabilities, the VBD also embraces fresh technological approaches to deliver better security, safety and efficiency to the bag drop experience.

Airports and airlines alike will be empowered with a highly flexible and customizable self bag drop solution that will deliver fast sub-10 second transactions, 98%+ scan rates and all within the smallest possible footprint.

The VBD is a secure, safe and highly usable automation solution for processing millions of passengers each year.



  • Ultra Compact Footprint

  • Intelligent Vision System

  • 3D Dimensioning

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Passenger Friendly Interface

  • Biometrics Enabled

  • Virtual Intrusion Curtain

  • Fast Transaction Processing

  • Open Design

  • Easy Installation & Integration


The Embross VBD is a true next generation solution leading the way in the implementation of computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Utilising our own intelligent vision system, the Embross VBD is the smartest self bag drop available today, utilizing the latest in object detection, recognition, analysis and deep learning systems.

The Embross VBD is able to detect, identify, dimension, analyze, instruct and learn from each baggage transaction as it identifies conveyable baggage from non-conveyable baggage – differentiating traditional suitcases from duffle bags, extended handles from retracted handles, oversize from tub-conveyable.

The vision system also actively provides complete intrusion detection preventing transaction interference or unauthorized access to the belt while active or outside of operational hours.

  • Intrusion Detection

    Computer vision based intrusion detection provides extensive safety coverage across the baggage zone and path to prevent intrusion, tampering and transaction intervention.

  • Baggage Dimensioning & Conveyability

    Computer vision based baggage dimensioning deploys an advanced and highly accurate 3D point cloud system for dimensioning bags and identify luggage of all shapes and sizes.

  • Conveyability Analysis

    Computer vision warns passengers of non-conveyable baggage by detecting potential baggage handling system hazards from certain luggage types, proactively intervening and reducing incidents once inducted into the baggage handling system.

  • Tub Detection

    Through computer vision baggage analysis non-conveyable baggage types can be identified, prompting guests to utilize provided tubs. Tub detection allows for a compensation in the tub’s mass to reduce false over-weight reading.


  • Multi-Biometric Detection

    Available with face, iris and/or fingerprint biometric modalities, the VBD can identify and validate passengers against centralized databases or acceptable identity documents.

  • Database Integration

    The biometric VBD can utilize existing biometric databases or recognition systems with several integration options from image capture and send, to onboard analyses and validation.

  • Face Detection

    Utilizing the embedded camera system, passengers can be detected, recognized and have their PNR retrieved upon approach to the bag drop.

  • Biometric Seamless Travel

    The Embross VBD is flexible and can be implemented as part of the Embross biometric seamless travel platform or an existing system.



  • 18.5" inch Touchscreen (PCAP)
  • 17" inch Touchscreen (CUSS)(PCAP)
  • Anti-Glare screen finishes available

Intelligent Computer Vision & AI

  • Object Detection
  • Recognition
  • Analysis & Deep Learning

Bag Analysis

  • Baggage Weight Analysis
  • Oversize Baggage Detection
  • Bag Image Capture

Barcode Scanner

  • 1D/2D Barcode Reader for Boarding Pass
  • Automated Bag Tag Scanners

Passport Reader

  • Passport Reader (Passport, ID, VISA scanning)
  • ePassport/RFID option

Payment Options

  • Insert Card Reader
  • NFC/RFID Touch Payment
  • Chip-and-Pin Payment (EMV)


  • Intrusion detection sensors
  • Secure door option
  • Emergency Stop button

Printer Options (up to 3 printers)

  • Boarding Pass Printer
  • Bag Tag Printer (RFID optional)
  • Receipt Printer
  • or any combination of above


  • RFID Bag Tag reading


  • High Performance Intel i5
  • 8GB RAM (Upgradable to 32GB)


The Velocity Bag Drop unit is available in a number of configurations. The dimensions listed are based on the base models.




              • 59 in / 149 cm


                    • 45 in / 114.5 cm


                    • 66 in / 167.7 cm


                    The Embross VelocityBagDrop Hybrid (VBD-H) is an innovative bag drop solution that easily converts a fully automated self bag drop into a manual agent desk with a foldable agent desk.​

                    In manual mode, the VBD-H runs a CUPP/CUTE system to allow full agent assistance. While in auto mode, the VBD-H runs a CUSS system entirely without agent assistance through an intelligent visioning system and complete passenger self-service kiosk.​

                    The VBD-H is designed to save space and provide security, while allowing two modes of operation - all in one. ​


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