Solution Design

Embross provides extensive solution design services to existing and new customers with a focus on flexibility, scalability, efficiency, and of course, cost effectiveness.

Our solution design capabilities range from hardware solutions to software and integration (in many cases a combination of them all).

Embross can be engaged at any stage of your program from discovery and analysis, through to program deployment and training needs.

Our experienced and accredited team and facilities provide capability and capacity to develop and produce solutions of varying complexities and scales. Utilising a range of technologies, fabrication methods and development platforms.

Our support services can also be engaged to support the solution on-site or provide multi-level support options to ensure maximum uptime and solution optimisation.

Production & Assembly

Embross provides extensive manufacturing and production capabilities from our primary production facilities.

Exporting 1000’s of kiosks and hardware solutions globally each year. We have the unique advantage of design, engineering, project management, assembly, testing and logistics capabilities under one roof.

At a manufacturing and production level, Embross provides

  • Production Management
  • Fabrication Services
  • Assembly and Subassemblies
  • Labelling and Cabling design
  • Procurement and Inventory management
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Documentation and Certification
  • Packing and Secure loading
  • Shipping & Logistics

Consulting & Project Management



Support & Monitoring Services

Hardware Support

  • Experienced Support Engineers to provide on-site support
  • Fault Resolution
  • Parts Replacement and management
  • Deployment and installation Management


  • Kiosk manager to provide real-time visualisation of system availability
  • Provide 24 x 7 Kiosk support and monitoring via Embross Kiosk Manager (KM)
  • Tailored SLA programs
  • Software security and integrity
  • Remote upgrade and image management

Warranty & Manufacturer level support

  • Standard & Extended Warranty Options
  • Fault Resolution
  • Parts Replacement and management
  • Software Updates and Fixes
  • Deployment and installation Management
  • New Releases
  • Access to platform and application experts

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