Victoria International Airport goes live as the first of a Multiple Canadian Airports Award with Embross’ Leading Odyssey CUPPS Platform and Check-In Systems

Victoria International Airport Pushes for Leading Passenger Processing Solutions


TORONTO, CANADA – NOVEMBER 15, 2023 Embross North America Ltd., a global leader in passenger processing solutions, is pleased to announce the successful completion of a project at Victoria International Airport (YYJ), awarded earlier this year to deploy for its Odyssey CUPPS platform and Velocity Series CUSS check-in systems. The award includes 100+ new Velocity Self Service check-in and boarding kiosks and 200+ CUPPS positions. 

This Embross award is part of an ongoing initiative at Canadian airports to improve passenger processing experience, drive revenue, and achieve greater efficiency in its service operation with new self-service technology solutions. In addition, other Airports will be deploying Embross’ Odyssey Common Use Passenger Processing Solution (CUPPS), enabling them to reduce costs and for passengers to experience faster agent assisted check-in times. The Odyssey CUPPS offers asset optimization, greater flexibility, and reduced passenger processing times. With the Odyssey CUPPS platform, Embross provides airports with the common goal of improving the customer experience while maximizing the operational efficiency of the airport.

Features of Velocity Self Service Devices include: 

  • A highly intuitive self-service capability across multiple touch points 
  • Enabling a seamless airport experience from curb to gate  
  • Minimizing the need to present physical travel documents, and  
  • Delivering a common set of operational data to the airport to improve customer services 

Odyssey CUPPS enables an airline to process passengers using their preferred applications suite, eliminating the need to maintain multiple applications and versions, thus reducing overall operating costs. The platform is fully scalable and can support any number of workstations distributed over local, or wide area networks. 

Victoria International AirportAlthough Victoria International’s previous kiosks provided a simple, straightforward check-in process for passengers, officials were looking for improved performance and operability.  The Embross Velocity series kiosks will deliver improved serviceability, efficiency, accessibility and ease of use. Future deployments are expected later in 2023 delivering an enhanced digital experience that today's passengers expect.

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