June 17, 2017 | Toronto, Canada


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In less than 12 months since its launch, Embross’ new VelocityKiosk series has been embraced by airports and airlines alike, delivering a new level of solution flexibility, capability and compact footprint while simplifying the passenger experience.

As record numbers of travellers pass through travel hubs globally, progressive airports and airlines have been actively leveraging technology to meet their growing service challenges. While the self service kiosk has been a long term staple of the at-airport experience, the traditional, “atm-like” kiosks of the past and their focus on utility is quickly making way for smarter, user-centric kiosk with minimal footprints.

Born out of an extensive engagement process with airport and airline stakeholders, the VelocityKiosk series represents a significant evolution, challenging the one-size-fits-all approach and empowering service providers with a level solution flexibility not previously available. Boasting 4 core models from the flagship V1 down to the countertop V4 with a number of custom derivatives, the series delivers the optimal size and solution for every environment and use case.

“It was an ambitious project but the take up of the series since it’s launch has been fantastic and it’s certainly validated our endeavor,” said Myles Tzelepis, Embross’ Product head.

“Over the preceding 12 months plus we developed an extensive wishlist engaging an array of airport and airline stakeholders including airport operations, guest experience, service and maintenance, airport real estate and of course, end users to ensure the series hit the mark in all the key areas while maintaining our own signature touch,” noted Tzelepis.

The series showcases a number of new design initiatives such as the interchangeable floating touchscreen, 360 degree LED branding and notification lighting, modular and open access component shelf, triple printer capability interchangeable between boarding pass and bag tagging, seamless, soft design edges, easy service and maintenance features with tooless options,  biometric addons including fingerprint, iris and facial recognition.

The V series’ multi-model structure enables airline and airports to deliver a uniform solution curbside to airside utilising the various self service models to fit the task and environment. From full service check in on the V1 or V2, transfer and gate side services on the V3 or V4, roaming self service on the Vmobile or dedicated self tagging on the Vtag, carriers and airports now have at the ultimate self service capability at their fingertips.  The shared components and design across the series also removes any service and maintenance burden of supporting different solutions.

The series has been rapidly adopted by a number of leading carriers, airports and Customs and security agencies with deployments already in progress with Emirates, Delta, Spirit, British Airways, Detroit, Ottawa, and CBSA, with many more pending announcement.

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V2 | VelocityTwo
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