Embross Signs Contract with Multiple Greenland Airports

Leading provider of passenger processing solutions to offer complete portfolio to several airports across Greenland


TORONTO, CANADA – MAY 11, 2023 Embross North America Ltd., a global leader in passenger self-service technology, today signed a long-term contract with multiple airports throughout GreenlandNuuk International, IIulissat Airport, and Qaqortoq Airport. Embross will provide the selected airports with its leading biometric and airport management solutions along with an opportunity for further improvement and optimization of internal processes, allowing passengers in the very near future to evaluate a new approach to travel planning. 

According to the contract, all three Greenland Airports will use Embross solutions to improve passenger handling. As part of this contract, Embross will be deploying its leading CUPPS platform (cloud-based), a highly customizable solution to reveal the critical passenger flow data at all passenger transaction points. CUPPS compliance significantly reduces the time and effort necessary for deploying airline applications by standardizing the technical requirements, leading to cost savings and faster deployment.

“We are really happy with the agreement with Embross. We will receive state-of-the-art, high-quality equipment that will enhance the customer experience at all our airports. Embross is a strong partner with years of experience and we are looking forward to the collaboration”, states Aviaaja Karlshoj Knudsen, Project Director at Kalaallit Airport.

Improved Passenger Experience
Embross’ Velocity Bag Drop solution is part of Greenland’s improvements and allows airlines to automate the bag drop process for already checked-in passengers. The objective is to standardize and speed-up the baggage handling of different airlines and at the same time take into account their different requirements. The interaction with the bag drop process will provide passengers with a rapid and user-friendly service, moving them to the boarding gate with only a short stop where technology seamlessly provides this critical service. 

Embross’ focus on the market in Greenland
According to Visit Greenland, the country currently enjoys approximately 100,000 visitors annually. Nuuk International Airport is getting a longer runway as well as a new terminal which is slated for completion by late 2024. Greenland, which is vulnerable to climate change, sustainability will be at the core of tourism development. With the new contract, Embross goes one step further in its internationalization strategy.

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