Embross to debut the most compact passenger self-bag drop solution at Passenger Terminal Expo in London

March 18, 2019 | Toronto, Canada

Embross debuts the most compact self bag drop series on the market

Embross is pleased to announce the debut of the Velocity Bag Drop (VBD) Series, their next-generation self bag drop solution at the Passenger Terminal Expo (PTE) in London. Embross will be showcasing two versions from the VBD Series at PTE: the full side-load (VBD) and the retrofit (VBD-R).

Come by our booth (#2035) or schedule a meeting with us. We look forward to seeing you there!

Following on the heels of the Embross Self Bag Drop (SBD), the first fully automated self bag drop in North America, the VBD continues its focus on innovation. Incorporating an advanced computer vision system and ultra-compact footprint, the VBD pushes the boundaries of conventional self bag drop design and features.

“We are excited to be launching the new VelocityBagDrop Series which features a cohesive design identity with our popular V-series Kiosks – minimalist and intuitive without compromising on features,” said Vice President of Marketing and Products, Myles Tzelepis. “The VBD and VBD-R bring a new approach to traditional sideload and retrofit implementations which are heavily focused on user experience and open design.”

The Embross VBD is a full side-load solution with an ultra-compact footprint.

The VBD features:

  • Fully open side-load design that is more intuitive and ergonomic for passengers
  • Embross’ revolutionary smart visioning system, which captures and identifies bag type using a 3D baggage recognition and profiling system to reduce bag handling system hazards
  • The most compact footprint for a full self bag drop on the market to date
  • 4-inch belt height in a sub-terrain deployment
  • And over 98% scan accuracy rate.

The Embross VBD-R is the first-ever “smart arm” retrofit self bag drop designed to be deployed in almost any airport environment and features:

  • The ultra-compact “smart arm” has all the same features that customers will find in the full VBD sideload
  • Designed to be non-intrusive, the “smart arm” allows agents operating behind the counter to move freely around it
  • The “smart arm” encases Embross’ smart visioning system to accurately scan and process passenger baggage
  • A virtual intrusion curtain will stop the moving belt if an intrusion is detected and resume once the intrusion is removed
  • Delivers intelligent computer vision and user-centric design not before seen in retrofit configurations

About Embross

Embross is an industry leader in passenger self service solutions, boasting one of the world’s largest footprints of self-service kiosks and associated solutions. Embross is focused on delivering innovation and automation to its extensive range of airline and airport partners as it drives efficiency and enhanced passenger experiences from curb to gate.


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