The V-Desk is an integrated, mobile service desk designed to deliver on demand customer service capabilities in a compact footprint—anywhere, anytime.

As part of the Embross VelocityKioskseries, the V-Desk continues the clean, modular and smart styling of the V Series but with a focus on agent-driven use, dynamic deployment flexibility and delivering a more passenger-friendly experience.


  • Full Service, Compact Footprint

    The V-Desk incorporates the extensive capability of a traditional passenger service/check in desk but in a market-leading footprint.

  • Modular Design

    The V-Desk is a modular structure with 4 easy-to-customize zones: Print, Battery, Shelf/Storage and Base zones. Each zone is designed to fit end user needs based on printer, storage and mobility requirements.

  • Designed for Purpose

    Designed for modern airports and airlines that require flexibility to deliver passenger service anywhere, any time. Built-for-purpose, the V-Desk replaces awkward medical cart style products with a function and form that is passenger and terminal friendly

  • Agent & Passenger Facing Displays

    The V-Desk is available with dual displays: A single agent 24inch LED monitor and a 22inch passenger facing display. The passenger-facing display can be utilized to display passenger travel information for validation or general display as well as a range of information such as FIDS data etc.

  • Illuminated Shelf Screen

    The V-Desk features a dynamic, RGB illuminated frosted privacy screen around the Desk shelf. The illumination can be programmed to align with airline or airport branding. Any colour can be be programmed as well as notification lighting to signify the desk is available or unavailable.

  • BYO Components

    The V-Desk can be purchased as a barebone unit or with a mix of integrated and BYO components. Some BYO components include an upgraded battery system, 24″ passenger-facing screen, biometric cameras, speakers, passport readers, bag tag and printer systems, and custom branding options.

  • Integrated Component

    With a number of pre-integrated components, the V-Desk can be utilized to deliver a complete and instantly deployable solution. Optimized for space saving and compatibility, its integrated component options provide the best off-shelf capability.

  • Security

    The V-Desk has many security features, including a number of lockable zones. The printer and storage zones are available with key locked access as well as the battery zone. The storage zone can be utilized for secure storage of paper stock as well as personal goods or PC accessories. The battery zone is secured for authorized access for battery switching or maintenance.

  • Battery System

    The V-Desk features two battery options. The single battery system delivers up to 12 hours of operation and 18 months of usage before battery replacement is recommended. The dual battery system enables up to 14 hours of operation and features hot swappability. The batteries can be charged externally without having to relocate to a charging point and are rated for up to 4 years of usage without replacement.

  • 32" Signage

    The V-Desk features an optional passenger facing 32inch digital LED display for dynamic branding, signage or promotional content. Utilizing the Embross Signage application, users are able to customize the display with branding, signage or promotional content.

  • Biometric Options

    The V-Desk can be equipped with a number of biometric components, including facial, iris and fingerprint reading devices for a range of use cases.


Agent & Passenger Facing Displays

  • Single agent, 24″ LED monitor
  • 22″ passenger-facing display also available

Dual Custom KP 180h Printers

  • Configurable as either Boarding Pass or Bag Tag Printers
  • Dual paper rolls up to 8 inches

Barcode Scanner

  • 1D/2D Barcode Scanner


  • Industrial PC -Core i5
  • 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD

Passport Reader

  • Full-page Passport Reader Option (Passport, ID, VISA scanning)


  • Can be equipped with a variety of biometric options
  • Facial, iris and fingerprint reading devices can be included for a range of use cases

Payment Options

  • NFC/RFID Reader


  • Wheelchair compliant kiosk height
  • Accessibility Keypad
  • Audio jack (text-to-speech)


  • Amplified Speaker
  • Input and output jacks


  • 360° LED shelf
  • Passenger facing-32″ display signage and branding LED screen
  • Addressable LED strips/notification bar


  • Can be painted any colour
  • Illuminated shelf fascia can be programmed to brand colors
  • Digital branding and content can be featured on 32″ LED screen
  • Decal and silk screen additions can also be added to the body



  • 59.6″ inches / 1514mm


  • 22″ inches / 559mm


  • 16.06″ inches / 408mm

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