The V3 is an ultra slim, high throughput kiosk platform for express self check-in, self-tagging and airside passenger transit services.

Available in an array of purpose-fit configurations, the V3 can perform core self service activities or be utilised as a high-capacity boarding pass and bag tag print station partnered with web and mobile check-in.

Ideal for space conscious terminals, the V3 is also available as a battery-powered mobile kiosk and/or agent-driven, service desk variant for maximum deployment flexibility.

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  • Ultra Slim Footprint

    The V3’s ultra slim footprint is unrivalled, encouraging better terminal utilisation and passenger throughput.

  • Modern, Intuitive Design

    From the floating touchscreen, to the open component interface zone, the V3 reflects the safe, modular and user-friendly design of the V Series.

  • Baggage Self Tagging

    The V3 is available with bag tag printer enabling your guests to self tag their bags and move faster through the check-in and bag drop process.

  • Unlimited Branding

    A complete blank canvas, all surfaces of the V3 are color and brand customisable to ensure it’s a true and impactful extension of your brand.

  • Variety of Screen Options

    The V3 can be optioned with a variety of different screen sizes and orientations to suit deployment whether for common use or dedicated airline use.

  • High Print Capacity

    The V3/Vtag is optimised with high capacity stock capabilities to deliver continuous, high throughput printing for the most demanding terminals.

  • Secure Access & Expandability

    Secure, key-lock access and door sensors ensure authorised access only to the kiosk as well as a modular component access for easy field upgrades



  • 18.5″ inch Touchscreen (PCAP/SAW)
  • Anti-Glare screen finishes available

Printer Options (up to 2 printers)

  • Boarding Pass Printer (standard)
  • Bag Tag Printer (RFID optional)
  • Receipt Printer

Barcode Scanner

  • 1D/2D Barcode Reader
  • Mobile ticket/boarding pass


  • High performance Intel i5-6500
  • 4GB RAM (upgradeable to 32GB RAM)

Passport Reader

  • Passport Reader (Passport, ID, VISA scanning)
  • ePassport/RFID option

Payment Options

  • Insert Card Reader
  • NFC/RFID Touch Payment
  • Chip-and-Pin Payment (EMV)


  • Wheelchair compliant kiosk height
  • Accessibility Keypad
  • Audio jack (text-to-speech)


  • Amplified Speaker
  • Input and output jacks


  • 360° LED shelf
  • LED brand/notification bar


  • Full custom colour options
  • Silk Screen options
  • Vinyl Wraps



  • 49.9″ inches / 126cm


  • 13.78″ inches / 35cm


  • 13.79″ inches / 35cm

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