The V1 Biometric equips our flagship V1 kiosk with state-of-the-art biometric features including facial, fingerprint and iris recognition technology with custom illumination for maximum accuracy. This model makes the airport journey easier and more secure by allowing passengers to quickly confirm their identity without the need for paper documentation such as passports, driver’s licenses and boarding passes.

The V1 Biometric also boasts extensive component options like a barcode reader, accessibility keypad, high capacity printer with up to two additional printers and 19inch LED touchscreen. Like the V1, it features a modular design to ensure a long lifecycle of high utilization for an optimized passenger self service experience.


  • Minimal Footprint

    The V1 Biometric delivers maximum capability and capacity in an ultra compact footprint, improving terminal real estate utilisation.

  • Modern, Intuitive Design

    From the floating 19″ touchscreen, to the open component interface zone, the V1 Biometric reflects the safe, modular and user-friendly design of the V Series.

  • Biometric Technology

    With a variety of next generation biometric system options, including a facial recognition camera and iris and fingerprint scanners, this model quickly and securely identifies passengers with precision.

  • Baggage Self Tagging

    The V1 Biometric can be configured with up to 3 bag tag printers enabling guests to self-tag their bags to expedite their check-in and bag drop experience.

  • Unlimited Branding

    A complete blank canvas, all surfaces of the V1 Biometric are color and brand customisable to ensure it’s a true and impactful extension of your brand.

  • Ancillary purchases at kiosk

    Accept payments for seat upgrades, excess baggage and other ancillary purchases directly at the kiosk through a range of payment interface options.

  • Accessibility Compliant

    Designed in accordance to accessibility standards, the V1 Biometric is wheelchair accessible and features enhancements for low vision/no vision use.

  • US CBP Compliant

    The V1 Biometric Kiosk App is based on US CBP Automated Passport Control requirements and can be tailored to meet individual airport implementations. The app’s flexible design allows it to be easily updated with additional function as the US CBP APC service evolves.

  • Secure Access & Expandability

    Secure, key-lock access and door sensors ensure authorised access only to the kiosk as well as a modular component access for easy field upgrades.



  • 19 inch Touchscreen (PCAP/SAW)
  • Overhead Instruction Screen option
  • Anti-Glare screen finishes available

Biometric Hardware Options

  • Iris Scanner
  • Facial Recognition Camera
  • Fingerprint Scanner

    Printer Options (up to 3 printers)

    • Boarding Pass Printer (standard)
    • Boarding Pass Printer (wide format)
    • Bag Tag Printer (RFID optional)
    • Receipt Printer

    Barcode Scanner

    • 1D/2D Barcode Reader
    • Mobile ticket/boarding pass


        • High performance Intel i5-6500
        • 4GB RAM (upgradeable to 32GB RAM)

        Passport Reader

        • Passport Reader (Passport, ID, VISA scanning)
        • ePassport/RFID option

        Payment Options

        • Insert Card Reader
        • NFC/RFID Touch Payment
        • Chip-and-Pin Payment (EMV)

        Software Options

        • CDS/CUSS
        • APC Application
        • Common Travel Services (Business logic & integration to the US CBP APC)
        • Kiosk Manager
        • Global Entry


        • Wheelchair compliant kiosk height
        • Accessibility Keypad
        • Audio jack (text-to-speech)


        • Amplified Speaker
        • Input and output jacks


        • 360° LED shelf
        • LED brand/notification bar


        • Full custom colour options
        • Silk Screen options
        • Vinyl Wraps



        • 60.75in /1540mm


        • 18.98in /480mm


        • 14.19in/ 360mm

        Baseplate (optional)

        • 1D/2D Barcode Reader

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