The Embross Self Bag Drop software is a next-generation application that speeds up and streamlines the bag drop and check-in process. It is available to both airlines and airports.

Combining flexibility, aesthetics and efficiency, the Embross Self Bag Drop application utilizes the latest web standards as well as the latest web application development stacks to ensure maximum capability and performance.

Available with a fully customizable skin, the Embross Self Bag Drop app is full featured, modular and lightning fast.


  • Optimized for Speed and Flexibility

    The SBD Application features a React+Redux stack, which allows for a fast, upfront page loading that doesn’t have to refresh.

  • Multi-channel Adapter

    The SBD application's multi-channel adapter acts like a universal translator, allowing common core code to be maintained even if switching hosts – change the EMHA, not the Core app.

  • Modular Function Flow

    The SBD application's modular flow allows for clients to determine what functions to use and WHERE. This also allows for complex changes to be made with ease, without having to re-write the application.

  • Responsive, Single Page Application

    The SBD App has a responsive design that is easy to customize and change based on your needs--it can adapt to any screen size, resolution and aspect ratio. With HTML 5, CSS3 architecture allows for modern page styling, effects and control when skinning.

  • One Application, Unlimited Styling Options

    The SBD application's CSS allows for rapid switching of “look and feel” changes. It is designed to use MULTIPLE sets of CSS allowing for differentiated experiences for loyalty, event/promotion or special user. It also features Dynamic Language Change available on ANY screen at ANY Time (full support for any language and character type supported by Windows).

  • Served by Host

    The SBD application has an extremely lightweight client footprint. The application only needs to be deployed once and doesn't have to be updated at the kiosk. Given this single point of update, it can be updated internally or through cloud deployment options (hosted).

  • Branding

    Utilizing modern web design standards (HTML5, CSS3), the SBD application can be styled to reflect individual brands without changing any of the core application. The Application allows for end user configurable branding of screens for individual logos and colour schemes. Each area (top/bottom banner, middle background and consistent navigation button schemes and location) is configurable to achieve a client-specific look and feel based on core common functions.


Responsive Design

  • Easily make complex changes to the layout without rewriting application
  • Complex hardware deployment across multiple servers

CUSS 1.4 JavaScript Application

  • Single Page Application
  • IATA CUSS 1.4 Specification support (device interaction)

    Application Technology Stack

    • HTML 5 and CSS 3.0
    • JavaScript -> ReactJS + Redux
    • JEE Controller/ Server/ Host Adapter
    • WebSockets on Client (communication between Java and Browser/Javascript)
    • Targeting Chrome
    • Use of ANY JRE including open JDK/JRE


    • Accessiblity device support – Keypad, Navpad etc.
    • Accessible UI switching


        • Change application flow based on server rules
        • Multi-tiered architecture structure
        • Isolated configuration modules for flexibility and scalability

          Application Support

          • Customize to enable/disable screen flow
          • Dynamic languages (can switch language in the middle of app flow)

          Multi-lingual ability / text-to-speech

          • Highlighting text
          • Highlighting screen Area
          • Multi text to voice


          • Biometric device handlers available

          Dynamic Styling

          • Unlimited Styling options

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