TThe Embross Middleware CDS has been installed in over 21,000 kiosks across multiple industries including ATMs, postal, retail, government and travel and transportation, Embross CDS delivers extensive kiosk management capabilities and enables service providers to interface their apps only to the middleware, without having to worry about hardware or devices.

Embross CDS Middleware runs on all Embross and Third Party kiosks. The CDS and associated tools combine to provide an environment conducive to high availability and non-stop operations.

  • Layer in Cuss Platform

    Embross CDS is a layer in the Embross CUSS platform that manages kiosk devices, processes events and handles errors.

  • Diagnostic Control

    Embross CDS provides diagnostic control for servicing and testing components and configuring the Embross CUSS platform as well as shutting it down.

  • Real-Time Monitoring

    The Embross CDS client also provides communication and event transactions through to Embross Kiosk Manager for real-time monitoring of the kiosk, its applications and its devices.


  • Application Event Processing

  • Application to Device Interface

  • Kiosk Device Control and Configuration

  • Device Error Handling and Delivery to External Tools

  • Diagnostics for servicing and kiosk management


  • Card Readers & Encoders/Dispensers

  • Document Printers (full page, ATB coupon, ATB bagtag, and receipts)

  • Passport Readers and Scanners (Swipe, Insert, Full page, e-Passport)

  • Chip and PIN Payment and PIN Entry Devices

  • UPS and Hardware Sensors

  • Specialized Devices (Bill acceptors/validators, optical mark readers, biometric devices)



  • Event Processing
  • Hardware abstraction layer, device driver and error handling
  • Device access control and configuration services
  • Systems Management
  • Diagnostics for servicing and stock management

      CDS Included Tools

      • Simplified touch screen interface
      • Stand alone device testing and status
      • Configuration and version management
      • Password Protected
      • System Functions
      • Shutdown/Reboot
      • System Update

              Maintenance Manager

              • Image management and security: Access Control, Authentication, Windows Explorer replacement
              • Remote control via Kiosk Manager
              • Configuration and Version Management
              • Control of overhead displays
              • Device firmware management

                Integrated Devices

                • Document Printers (full page, boarding pass, bagtag and receipts)
                • Chip and PIN Payment and PIN Entry Devices

                      The Embross Common Use Self-Service platform (CUSS) is deployed by the world’s leading airports to deliver self-service check-in capability for multiple airlines on a single kiosk.

                      Embross CUSS is a full and compliant implementation of IATA CUSS v1.3 / v1.4 and supports all airline common use applications including legacy apps covering CUSS 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 able to be deployed on any kiosk.

                      Embross CUSS continues to prove itself as one of the most robust and reliable platforms for over 20 years.

                      As key contributors to IATA CUSS working groups, Embross has a progressive and active CUSS program. This ensures that the platform always reflects the latest standards from baggage self tagging, accessibility, biometrics and more.

                      CUSS COMPONENTS

                      Common Launch Application (CLA)
                      Application or CUSS Manager (CDS)
                      Device Component Interfaces (CDS)
                      Logging Services (CDS)
                      System Management Interface (CDS)

                      Common Launch Application (CLA)
                      CUSS Manager (CDS)
                      Device Component Interfaces (CDS)
                      Logging Services (CDS)
                      System Management Interface (CDS)

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